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Makita 4101RH: Your Best Tool for Wet Cutting Operations

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The Makita 4101RH is your right partner in all operations related to wet cutting of tile, concrete of masonry. It comes with a 7.9 amperes extremely powered motor for any kind of challenging work in your profession of relevant applications. There is an ultra special cover design to shield it from water entry into its motor housing by any means. 

Makita 4101RH

Makita 4101RH: Your Best Tool for Wet Cutting Operations

Makita 4101RH and its Great Features

You can cut up to 1-5/8 inches at an angle of 90 degrees or 1 inch at 45 degrees with your Makita 4101RH. It comes with a latest technology of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) switch to assist it in taking an appropriate action in case of a fault occurring in its functioning. Usually when you use a tool for prolonged hours, you would like to avoid or mitigate any risk of it getting interrupted or off in between due to any carelessness or accidentally. For that purpose there is a lock-on button to help you in running it for uninterrupted operations.

 There is a water pressure regulator in Makita 4101RH to automate regular supply of water in a very consistent manner with the help of adjustable water valve and its 15 feet tube. The depth of cut can be adjusted easily depending on the requirement of a particular job. The original kit consists of a diamond wheel, a hex wrench, a wrench, a blade with 5 inch diameter, and an arbor of ¾”. The speed of the motor of Makita 4101RH is 12,000 RPM when there is no load. Working at 7.9 amperes, it gives 1,050 watts of output. The weight of the tool is just 6.5 pounds thereby making it one of the sturdiest and portable wet cutters. 

If you have to find out a most affordable masonry circular saw which is lightweight but best in performance and efficiency, then it has to be none other than the Makita 4101RH. It is one of the best saws for cutting of tiles, concrete and bricks in most accurate manner.

Makita 4101RH

Makita 4101RH

Its sturdy and strong motor gives it a high level of durability, longer life and superb functioning. It has a cutting capacity of 34mm with its standard 100mm blade. Its airtight cover has been designed with superior class of material to ensure that no water drops leak inside the motor housing thereby protecting it to ensure longer life. This airtight cover itself has a consistent performance not only in the beginning but all years across.

 The Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug is an in built feature of Makita 4101RH, has a special function to perform. It automatically cuts the circuit in case it senses any leakage in earthing thereby complying with CE standards.

The lock-on button is also a unique feature to enable it to keep working for hours without any risk of getting off by any means. Its ear protectors are specially built to assist you in case of prolonged usage. It is better to use ear protectors in all the cases to avoid any irritation occurring due to noise while its operation. Overall your Makita 4101RH is a surely a winner among all other brands in the market because of its unmatched features, functionalities and quality. 

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