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Makita 2704 Bench Top Table Saw And Its Versatile Features

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The makita 2704 bench top table saw is a product of Makita Company. it is a very useful invention of the company, and it is has a perfect design to perform various cutting jobs. It has a modular blade system that is so much sharp to cut any hard material with a faster speed than any other similar company. The knife present on the makita 2704 table saw is easily adjustable for a very precise working.

Makita 2704 Bench Top Table Saw

There are two different and independent anti kick back pawls present on the top side and they are ready to provide safety for a user. The riving knife of makita 2704 bench top table saw also contains spreader for a trough cutting of any hard material. It also contains a T-Slot miter groove gauge and it will accept all kinds of commercial accessories. This T slot is best for versatile cutting and many styles of trunks. This makita 2704 table saw has a tendency to cleave any material up to four times in a single pass from the cutting blade.

It is a very powerful table saw, and this can be used to install at any jobsite or inside the shop. It is a best in class saw installed on a fixed table, and it is very easy to perform a variety of professional functions. The makita 2704 bench top table saw contains a very powerful electric motor that run on 15 amperes. This motor will provide 4800 RPM and also have electric brakes to stop it within fractions of seconds. This makita table saw 2704 is designed for a maximum productivity in a lesser time as compare to many other similar products.

Can Materials Be Cut Easily ?

This saw can work on any angle between 0-90 degrees, and a variety of materials can be cut easily by placing on the fixed table. There will be a more capacity of working and therefore, the time required to complete any task will be reduced. The makita 2704 bench top table saw will allow ripping a sheet of 4X8 feet material easily. If you are working on plywood, then this machine will provide cutting with accurate measurements.

A cross cutting can also be done with the help of this saw. This table will provide an ideal space for making different metal works. The push stick presented at the base of this table is very useful for easy handling of material place for cutting. Some essential tools are present in the box when you have purchased a new mock-up of makita 2704 bench top table saw from the branded stores or from an online store.

The makita 2704 review clearly proved that this table saw has a versatile design for a complete range of required applications for cutting. It is an ideal machine for carpenters, floor workers, cabinet installers, decking contractors and remodelers working various jobs on different locations. You can carry this machine easily by putting on the back side of your car. The best in-class  engineering has been used to create makita 2704 bench top table saw. 

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