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Makita 2704 – One of the Strongest Saws Around The Globe?

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Do you know that Makita 2704 Table Saw is the first choice of majority of carpenters and woodwork experts worldwide because of their preference for unique and powerful tools? Once you have decided to procure a table saw or a contractor saw, it is better to understand the powers and strengths of Makita 2704.

Makita 2704 Advantages





Before you finalize about a particular tool for that purpose, this Makita 2704 review will help you in helping you arriving at a conclusion faster. Among many choices available on internet or in the market, it is of utmost importance for you to weigh out the best suited option for you and your profession.

Makita 2704 Table Saw is quite rugged and hence can be used on daily basis for long hours of work. It has a high level of accuracy and you can buy it with stand or without it. It has enormous cutting ability. Its powerful impact is capable of ripping 4x of that material in one go.

It has a 15 amperes motor and has an automated electric brake mechanism to provide enhanced efficiency and precision in results. Because of its compact size and comparatively lesser weight, Makita 2704 is highly portable machine. It weight around 60 lbs. to increase its versatility and portability, there are special holders on its sides that make it quite comfortable to move it from one operational area to another.

It is quite easy to cut any material even at a length that is beyond the edge of the table as there are T-slots specially meant for the miter gauge of Makita 2704 Table Saw, thereby it helps to lessen in tipping when operational in such circumstances. Its accessories are simply adjustable inside your work table and hence are always handy while you are on your job. Its blade also quite easily can be slipped below table so as to increase safety.

Most of its unique features make it highly accurate with desired level of precision required in attaining your results. Overall Makita 2704 has been highly acclaimed to be a superb quality product with a great life. The quality of material used is such that even after using it for a number of years it remains intact in quality and functionality, and you never feel its appearance losing grace or shine.

For operating the Makita Table Saw 2704, you are not required to put any force on it and hence it works in such a manner that even a child can easily operate it with desired level of accuracy and quality. This 10 inch table saw is incomparable to other brands in the market because of its higher capacity, and also is quite cost effective. The Makita 2704 is quite sturdy in nature, smooth in functioning and easier to set up.

It has an enhanced fence locking mechanism and hence gives it an edge over other brands in the market, in terms of high level of adjustment. Hopefully this Makita 2704 review has been able to convince you finally to arrive at a sensible decision to go for a tool that is stronger, sturdier, long lasting, high precision and easily portable.

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