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Makita 5005BA – Amazing Features of This Circular Saw

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When it comes to saws, the Makita 5005BA is one of the best in the market. The saw is popular due to its abilities in cutting, its long life, efficiency, performance as well as competitive price. The hand saw is designed to be light in weight to encourage easy handling and use. When buying the saw one also gets a combination blade, rip fence and a socket wrench. The saw has features that enhance its use as well as the safety of the users. The electric brake is just one of the features of the tool that make it a popular tool among users.

Makita 5005BA

Makita 5005BA Circular Saw

Features of Makita 5005BA Circular Saw

When it comes to the performance of the Makita 5005BA saw. One is guaranteed great performance by the 5 ½ inch blade fitted on the saw. The blade is located on the left ensuring that the cutting edge is farthest from the user for safety reasons. The blade has the capability of cutting up to 1 3/4 inches at right angles (90 degrees) and 1 3/16 inches at 45 degrees. The blade is powered by a 120V 8 amp rated motor that delivers up to 8000 rpm on no load. The motor derives its power from the mains allowing the user to get quick, accurate and clean cuts from the circular saw.

The electric brake that is fitted one the Makita 5005BA circular saw is one of the safety features that is meant to keep the user safe from accidents. The electric brake ensures that the blade is instantly stopped when one hits the stopping switch.  Similarly the saw is fitted with a double insulated lock that helps in prevention of accidents that might arise from accidental startups.  In addition the saw is fitted with a rugged steel base that increases the stability of the saw.

Makita 5005BA

Makita 5005BA

The light weight and handling design increases the maneuverability of the Makita 5005BA saw. The tool measures about 6.8 pounds making it one of the lightest saws in the market.  The dimensions of the saw also do help when it comes to handling. In addition the weight distribution is centralized allowing the user to easily make use of he saw. The soft anti slip handle is placed strategically for carrying the saw, ease in cutting as well as ensuring safety. The placement also allows the user to keep track of the cutting line of the saw. This allows for the users to cut clean lines and accurate cuts that make the work pieces appealing.

There are other features of the saw such as the shat lock that make using the saw relatively easy. The shaft lock on the Makita 5005BA is designed to make the changing of the blade relatively easy. It is a system that requires no tools to change the blade. It is also a tight fit that gives the user security in using the saw. The durability of the saw is also impeccable, once bought one is assured of service for a lifetime. The non carbide tipped edge blade also provides the user with durability.

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