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Makita 5104 Circular Saw – What Makes this So Popular

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Building and construction work requires reliable tools such as the Makita 5104. The saw is designed to handle long hours and strenuous workloads. Since it derives its power from the mains it does provide reliable power output to its users. The saw incorporates the latest technical advancements in cutting timber and in terms of safety of the user. The saw provides great quality cuts that are smooth and is competitively priced. It might not be the cheapest tool in the market, but it is responsible for providing the market with the best and most reliable saws.

Makita 5104

Makita 5104 Circular Saw

Features of the Makita 5104 Circular Saw

Some of the features of the Makita 5104 enhance the performance in cutting through timber. The saw is fitted with a 14 amp motor that gives the 10 ¾ inches blade enough power and torque to cut through beams.  The saw thus has great capacities when cutting through wood. In addition to the power, the saw is designed to also conduct bevel cuts. The Makita 5104 Circular Saw can cut a depth of up to 3 ¾ inches when placed at a 90 degrees angle and a depth of 2 ¾ inches when at 45 degrees. It has adjustments that will suit the user in cutting the timber.

One of the major features of the Makita 5104 is accuracy attainment. The location of the blade allows the user a clear view of the cut line while working with the tool. The other aspects of the saw that allow the user achieve accurate cuts include the adjustable to guide. The adjustable to guide allows the user to align the notches with the line of cutting thus getting smooth and accurate cuts. The handles that are fitted on the saw provide the user with increased performance and accuracy abilities. The saw is also fitted with a precision gearing system that bas ball bearing and needle.

Makita 5104

Makita 5104

The weight of the saw is also well distributed such that it allows the user great efficiency with reduced exhaustion. The use of the saw is also enhanced by the design incorporating easy means of removing the blades. The Makita 5104 has a flat motor housing design and an attached blade wrench for increased ease of blade changing. In addition to the blade change features, the saw also has adjustment knobs that are both large and conveniently located to increase the abilities of the user to make adjustments during work.

When it comes to the handling of the Makita 5104, there are features that make it better. The handles are located at the front, rear ant top to give the user ease when carrying the saw and using it as well. The handles are also soft, anti slip and easily fit the hands to offer the user a great grip when working with the tool. The saw is also fitted with a large ejection port that easily passes in the saw dust that arises in use of the saw. In addition the electric brake on the tool helps stop the rotary motion instantaneously.

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