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Makita 5402 – Using the Tool for Large Cuts

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There are a few large saws in the free market and the Makita 5402 is one of the top ranked saws. Most of the products in the saw field are small since the most cuts in the industry are small, however some of the large saws such as the Makita 5402-A are useful to the small and large cuts. There are a number of advantages that are associated with buying a large saw, but there are challenges as well. The Makita saw beats rival saws in several sectors in terms of design and application and is also competitively priced.

Makita 5402

Makita 5402 Circular Saw

Specifications of The Makita 5402

One of the standout points of the Makita 5402 is durability. The saw comes with the popular Makita durability standard and will thus provide one with years of service without the need for replacements.  The internal circuitry as well as the exterior of the saw is designed to withstand heavy duty loads making the saw one of the best in the market. In addition to the quality of the saw, it is also supplied with a whole years warranty upon acquisition.

The use of the Makita 5402 is flexible as the circular saw with electric brake saw is not designed for minor applications only.  The power of the saw is rated at a high 1800 watts. The power is delivered by a 120 volt 15 amp rated motor that is able to offer a no load speed of 2200 rpm.  In addition, the internal system is fitted with a noise cancellation system making the saw responsible for only emitting 87 db of noise.  The motor abilities add to the success of the saw since it results to smooth and clean cuts on the working surfaces subjected to it. There are numerous features of the saw that make it a favorite, especially in safety.

Makita 5402

Makita 5402

The safety of the Makita 5402 is not compromised in any way. The saw is fitted with the blade guard that can be retracted when the user is engaged in bevel or plunge cuts. The guard helps in keeping the blade and the user safe from damage and cuts respectively. In addition to the blade guard, the saw is also fitted with a spindle lock and an electric brake. The electric brake does help the saw in safety, but in control as well.  The handles of the saw are also large and non slip giving the user great control. There is also a side handle that increases the maneuverability of the tool.

There are design features of the Makita 5402 that are contributors to the success of the saw. Some of the features that will be helpful in using the saw include depth adjustment and bevel adjustments. The package also comes with a wrench which helps in blade changes. The switching on system and the stopping system of the blade are enhanced for use while wearing or not wearing gloves.  The weight of the saw also encourages the use of the Makita 5402A saw, being only 30.8 pounds increases the ease of operation and controlling the saw.

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