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Makita 5090DW Circular Saw Kit-The Best Battery Powered Portable Saws

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Makita has been one of the leading manufacturers of building and construction tools. Although most of the popular tools are corded, the company it is also responsible for manufacturing some cordless tools such as the Makita 5090DW. The 5090DW is a highly portable saw that drives a 3 3/8 inch combination blade.  The saw is one of the best tools to work with in tight spaces due to its abilities as well as size and weight.  The saw only weighs 4 pounds and provides performance that is unparalleled by the rival handsaws. The saw is also versatile, though in its supplied state it can be used to cut through plywood, paneling and Pergo, when installed with a carbon fiber disc it can cut through metal tubing and rebar.

Makita 5090DW

Makita 5090DW Circular Saw Kit

How Makita 5090DW Circular Saw Kit Performs

Since the 9.6 volt Makita 5090DW is a high performer delivering speeds of up to 100rpm to the blade, it drains the batteries quick. The packaging of the saw comes with a charger for the batteries. Although supplied with batteries, it is advisable to have spares when working with the tool. If one happens to fail to have spares or a power source close by, one may be interrupted when working with the tool. There are other design aspects of the tool apart from high power outputs that make it a favorite with many.

One of the popular reasons why the Makita 5090DW is favored is durability. The saw carries the same durability advantage that is associated with the Makita tools. The casing of the tool is designed to last for its life time. The blade on the other hand is dependent of the loads it is subjected too. If one uses the blade correctively, it shall serve one for years without the need for replacements. A diamond blade is advisable if one is to subject the tool to heavy duty loads.  Although the batteries are easily drained by the powerful motor, they do have a long life. The batteries will give one year of service without replacement since they do not take in much damage. The power management system in the hand saw doesn’t protect the batteries against overloads thus ensuring their durability.

The use of the Makita 5090DW saw is one of the pillars behind the successful sales of the product. The weight distribution of the tool is centered making handling and controlling the saw relatively easy. In addition to this the saw has the ability to cut bevels of up to 45 degrees as a result of its tilting base. The cutting depth of the saw can also be adjusted such that at 90 degrees its 55/65 inches and at 45 degrees it’s at 45/54 inches. This allows the saw to be used in a number of tasks. In addition to the features enhancing its use, the safety during use is also enhanced. The saw has a blade lock that minimizes slippage of the blade and also allows for fast blade changes. The Makita 5090DW is one of the complete packages when considering portable cordless saws.

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