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Makita 5057KB Saw With Dust Collector- Cleans Up After Itself

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One of the best saws to buy in the market is the Makita 5057KB. There are a lot of wood cutting saws in the market Makita circular saw with dust collector offers the service of cutting through material regarded as fiber-cements. There are situations in which one might be cornered when dealing with concrete. The saws blade can also be replaced with diamond blades to cut through tougher materials and handle tougher loads. In some instances it might be used without the vacuum hoes since it has minimal waste production features with its original or market blades.

Makita 5057KB

Makita 5057KB Saw With Dust Collector

Specifications of the Makita 5057KB 

The power of the Makita 5057KB is derived from the mains and runs a 13 amp motor that drives the 7 ½ inch blade. The saw is capable of bevel cuts too.  The saw is thus capable of handling up to 5 5/16 siding boards in only one pass. Fitting the saw with a diamond blade can enhance the performance of the saw.  The 28 tooth carbide tipped blade might not be able to handle some of the surfaces that the saw can concur. It’s advisable to change the blade for extra heavy duty tasks. There are other features of the saw that make it a necessity when one is looking to work on concrete cuttings.

The clean up function of the Makita 5057KB is one of the improvements on the design of the saw. The dust collection of the saw helps in making the cutline visible as well as increasing the cleanliness of the working area. When working with the dust collector on one might be tempted to skip wearing protective clothing. Wearing safety glasses and a dust mask .due to the fine cutting of the saw its common to have some chips and particles fly in the workers face cutting operation. There are those who find that dust collection aspect of the tool increases the weight of the saw.

Makita 5057KB

Makita 5057KB

In such instances its best to look into the climatic conditions to prevent hindering of working. Since the saw itself shall be exposed to dust that in ordinary saws causes hiccups and reduced efficiency it’s fitted with special features. The saw has bearings and switches that are dust proof which means that the working of the saw is not affected by dust that might be collected in the working of the tool. In addition to smooth working, the dust proof features of the bearings and switches increase the durability of the Makita 5057KB saw.

There are other features of the Makita 5057KB that enhance its use. The blade change and protection features are easy to work with. The hex design of the blade fasteners and the inclusion of a hex wrench in the package ease the blade change process. The control lever gives the user the ability to retract the guard for easier plunge cuts as well as bevel cuts.  The retraction of the blade is enhanced by the installed one touch guard retracting button. The saw has the ability of bevel cuts between 0 and 45 degrees that is enhanced by the guides of the saw.

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