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Makita 4340FCT – What This Jigsaw Can Do for You

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Buying a saw for any work in the home of construction business should be done with utmost care, especially when considering the corded electrics. One of the saws available in the market is the Makita 4340FCT saw. The saw features modern design features for safety, performance, efficiency, reliability and appeal. One of the outstanding parameter of the saw is its competitive pricing. The saw is relatively cheap compared to its competitors, making it one of the most affordable saws in the market. There are advantages of choosing the saw over any other type of the jigsaw from competitors.

Makita 4340FCT

Makita 4340FCT

Makita 4340FCT Most Important Features

In cutting, one of the most important parameters is enough lighting. Accidents involving cutting have occurred based on poor lighting, the LED system on the Makita 4340FCT solves the problem. The saw is fitted with a white LED light that helps illuminate the working surface. The illumination allows the user to see the line of cut better in great details thus allowing them to manage more accurate cuts. The white LED light fitted in the jigsaw is long-lasting and is designed to serve the tool its whole life making it extremely reliable. Since even shadows from the worker may blur the vision of the cut line.

Working with the electrically powered Makita 4340FCT gives the user great cutting abilities. Since it runs on electrical power from the mains, it can rely on powerful motors. The 6.3 amp motor fitted in the jig saw allows it to deliver 800 to 2800 strokes per minute. The speed can be varied by the user to fit their needs. The speed control is easily done with the electric controlling dial that is fixed on the saw that s easy to work with thus providing added performance and control to the user. In addition to providing power and controlling the power, the motor fitted in the system s also light in weight contributing to the improved handling of the jigsaw.

Makita 4340FCT

Makita 4340FCT

The superiority of the Makita 4340FCT can be seen over several variables. The first measurable quality happens to be the cutting speeds. In comparison to competitors the saw delivers 48% faster speeds. In addition, the tool provides the user with lowered vibrations and noise. The tool is also fitted with a soft start that allows the users transition from zero to the maximum speeds of the saw. The shock proof design of the Makita 4340FCT Jigsaw also increases the handling abilities of the user.

There are numerous features of the Makita 4340FCT that make it one of the best tools in the market. When t comes to changing the tool’s blade one makes use of the push in lock system allowing faster change of the cutting blades. The saw is also enhanced by being capable of take on 4 different cutting positions three of which are orbital. The saw is also fitted with a dust blower feature that cleans of dust that might come up with the upwards stroke of the saw blurring vision of the cut line. Upon ordering the saw one gets a set with an anti splinter device, cover plate, 2 EA blade set and a plastic casing.

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