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Makita 4131 Saw with Ceramic-Metallic Cutting Blade

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Cutting metal is a tedious and exhausting task if one doesn’t have the right tools. One of the best options in terms of metal cutting tools is the Makita 4131. The circular saw is designed to lower the strains associated with cutting metal, giving accuracy to the cut and an appealing finish. The tool is designed for cutting mild steel or metals of lower hardness degrees. Unlike most metal cutting tools, the saw has a number of features that make it superior to the competitors available in the market. In addition, the saw will reduce the costs incurred in cutting metal as it is competitively priced and saves on time used in cutting metallic parts.

Makita 4131 Saw Features

Makita 4131

Makita 4131 Saw

The most striking feature on the Makita 4131 saw is the 7 ¼ inch ceramic-metal cutting edge. The feature minimizes the risks involved in cutting metal with ordinary metallic blades. One should forget the flying sparks and debris of hot shavings that came with cutting with other blades. The ceramic metal blade cuts through metal easily without producing the metallic wastes that might cause damage to the user or surroundings. The ceramic aspect of the blade also lowers the heat that emanates from cutting through metal. The saw delivers cooler cuts to surfaces meaning that working with the cutouts is relatively faster since cooling of takes smaller time periods.

There are other features of the metal cutting Makita 4131 saw other than the blade that make it a great working tool. The tool derives its power from a 13 Amp motor that gives the saw the ability to cut through depths of 2 ½ inches of mild steel metallic studs. In addition, the tool is light in weight being only 10.6 pounds. This makes the saw easy to use and transport in the working sites. The light weight also helps the constructors’ access tight areas such as ceilings where conduits are located.  The saw measures 16.5 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 14 inches in height making it one of the most compact metal cutters available in the market.

Makita 4131

Makita 4131

The dangers of cutting, especially metals, are reduced to the bare minimum. The minimization of debris and shavings solves the problem partially. The safety of cutting using the Makita 4131 is enhanced by the safe guard that can be easily repositioned to fit different scenarios. The lower safety guard lever can be used to open the safety guard halfway from its original state by hand. This allows the saw to be used in a number of activities that may involve cutting the roof metallic elements. In addition, the saw is fitted with a spindle lock for protective purposes.

Additional features of the Makita 4131 include an aluminum chip collector. The chip collector increases the efficiency of chip collection of the saw increasing the visibility while working with the tool. In addition the tool has a stainless steel base. The Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Saw encompasses safety, efficiency, performance and accuracy in cutting of metals making t one of the favorites for heavy duty constructions.

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