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Makita 2414 Cut-off Saw – The Best Metal Cutting Product Around

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Makita is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial tools and offers a wide variety of products that fit into different professional activities. It applies cutting-edge technology to provide power tools that are compact and powerful making it easy for the operators to carry forward the work hassle free. The latest entrant into the market is the Makita 2414 which provides the operator the ease to cut any material at their workshop or jobsite. As it is a completely portable product, the user can easily carry the product with an ease making it easy for them to carry out their work pretty easily.

Makita 2414 is a Portable Cut-off Chop Saw

that has been designed to meet industrial needs of metal cutting operation. The product is equipped with a 15 amp motor that delivers 3800 rpm making it easy for the user to cut at the desired rate according to the metal that has to be cut. It has the capability to cut 4-1/2” round stock at both 45° and 90° respectively. The user can set the 45° angle to either right side or to the left side depending upon the specification and the action of cut that has to be carried out.

With a D shape handily provided to Makita 2414 portable cut-off saw mill, the operator will have a complete control during the cutting action. It is also equipped with a lock of button making it easy for the user to have a safe start to prevent any unwanted accidents. The product is enclosed is our diversion guard that completely eliminates the chance of spark being rooted towards the operator. As there are three different locations that can be adjusted, the user can now cut different materials according to their required sizes and shapes.

Makita 2414 has been designed in such a way that it provides an easy operation to the user to carry out the metal cutting action at their jobsite. It comes with a precision action with the help of quick release device that has been provided for a safe way to remove material and carry your repeated cut-off is. With adjustable depth stop present, the operator can of paint resized them is of different materials required in the same length. Makita 2414DB is the best example of Makita to offer innovative products to the leading engineering companies.

Now that you have obtained complete information about the Makita 2414 Cut-off Chop Saw, it is time for you to look out for the product and understand its specification. Depending upon your requirements you can then decide whether the product will suit your engineering services. The product can be purchased from different online shopping portals that are present over the Internet. One can also check out the product by visiting the official website of the company. Reviews are provided by different users who have already purchased the product and have utilized it for cutting different metals. Based on this, you can then take a final decision to purchase the product so that you will be in a position to carry out your work smoothly.

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