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Some Most Frequent Features Of Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

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Possible Now To Cut Metal With A Circular Saw

It is possible now to cut metal with a circular saw named as makita 4131, and it is a model of Makita Company. It is composed of ceramic metal blades for faster and superb cuttings of different metals. Why it has used a ceramic blade? The answer to this question is that the ceramic material has a longer life span of working, and no need to change it for many years.

This machine is considered as a lightest weight product with only 10.6 pounds and it will deliver 13 amperes faster power. It can cut up to the depth of 2.5 inches in metal studs. The makita 4131 metal cutting saw is the best product for roofing and conduit. It also comprises an Aluminum chip collector, and a spindle lock present on the base of makita 4131 metal cutting saw.

The Makita 4131

Features Of Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Lower Portion Of This Machine Comprises A Safety Guard

The lower portion of this machine comprises a safety guard that will allow its users to open and handle this machine with care. This makita 4131 metal cutting saw is one of the best products available in the market at the same price having match fewer features. If you are working with pipes for welding, it can cut any pipe almost at 7/16th part of an inch.

There are certain safety measures that must be kept in mind, before starting working on this circular saw. On the important thing is to wear protective glass for the protection of your eyes.

The makita 4131 metal-cutting saw will produce scores of shavings and unwanted cuttings. You should also wear hand gloves, if you are working in a hot season. It will cut lighter metals similar to wax is cutting with a knife.

However, for heavy metals, it will be slightly difficult to work without protective measures. The makita 4131 will collects all unwanted materials in a hopper, and this can be dumped easily when this is filled with cuttings.

Faster Machine Than Many Other Models Available In The Market

This circular saw can be used on 26. 16 and 14ga type of metals. If you want to cut any rubber material, it can perform that job without facing any problem. The makita 4131 circular metal cutting saw is a faster machine than many other models available in the market. It is not similar to the old fashioned harsh hatchet saw.

This saw will never produce any excessive dust cloud, so there is no possibility of causing asthma-related problems to its workers. It also has a blade guard that will protect and unwanted small accident during working. The makita 4131 metal-cutting saw is an ideal machine for mild steel cuttings and other related trade workers. The plumbers also like to use this machine for their daily plumbing jobs on different locations.

Heavy-Duty Dust Collector

There are also some other uses of this metal cutter, including metal fabricators, electrical and Roofers trades. You should not worry about the hot flashes of steel flying during working on a steel plate, because it contains a heavy-duty dust collector on the rear side. This makita 4131 metal cutting saw has an overall positive user review on different websites.

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