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The Milwaukee 6480-20 – All Purpose Panel Saw!


One of the panel saws that is very popular in the market, for various reasons, is the Milwaukee 6480-20. The saw is supposed to be among the most significant tools in the construction business. The saw is available in multiple designs to cater to different requirements of the construction business. 

Working with the saw, the users are in a position to accomplish their tasks with speed and precision, and without tiredness. The excellent function of the saw is the reason why it is being chosen by professionals, as well as DIY supporters. The pricing of the Milwaukee 6480 saw is also competitive, making it a better choice in its class of tools.

The Saw Draws Its Power From An External Source

The powerful Milwaukee motor is the first reason why the Milwaukee 6480-20 is so preferred. The saw is fitted with a heavy-duty, 15-amp, powerful motor that is capable of producing 3.25 horsepower. The saw draws its power from an external source, and since the rating is 120 volts, it can operate on AC as well as DC power.

The motor drives an 8-inch cutting blade that runs at an amazing speed of 5,800 RPM, at no load. With this power, the saw can cut through quite a number of sections, the maximum being 4 by 8 foot.

The Motor Is Mounted On A Horizontal Carriage

The build of the Milwaukee 6480-20 panel saw also contributes to the success of the saw. The supporting structure of the saw has been made with such strong material that it can resist any type of deformation, that might threaten it during running. The motor is mounted on a horizontal carriage that is laid over graphite-impregnated nylon bearings, which do not require any lubrication.

The saw can be rotated through 90 degrees, in order to adjust it according to the cuts. The culmination of these features resulted in a saw that is very tough and effective.

The handling aspect, of the Milwaukee 6480-20 panel saw, is also addressed in its design. While designing the saw, its efficient handling as well as safety factors have been taken into consideration. The first aspect that adds to the handling of the Milwaukee Panel Saw 6480 is a handle that is fitted horizontally, as well as innovatively, for on- and off- operations.

The saw also has a high-duty, commercial-grade, switch that is fitted for durability and long life. For smooth pull down and return of the saw, retractable counter weights have been provided.

The Saw Is Easy To Put Up, Use, And Manage

The total weight of the 6480-20 kit is 232 pounds, of which 170 pounds is the weight of the saw alone. Due to its manageable dimensions, the saw is easy to put up, use, and manage. The tool is also supplied with a five-year warranty, by Milwaukee, upon purchase.

Many other features in the Milwaukee 6480-20 saw makes it the most preferred selection in the construction business. The first aspect of the saw, that will make it one of a kind, is its versatility. This versatile saw system consisting of an 8-inch blade and driven by a 15-amp motor with the capability of cutting through 50-inch crosscuts has been lauded by professionals and DIY supporters, equally.

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