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0719-22 … A Powerful Reciprocating Saw Kit

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0719-22 is one of such products of Milwaukee which has brought revolution in the market of reciprocating saws. Milwaukee has been taking the credit of introducing many innovative electrical tools for last many decades. Milwaukee 0719-22 v28 sawzall lithium ion cordless reciprocating saw kit is a big hit of the company which fulfills its promise of hard hitting cut of the things.

It incises the material like a click and brings effective results. Its manufacturing designs and cutting capacity places it among top class reciprocating saws.


0719-22 Reciprocating Saw Kit

Unique Capacity Of Running With Two Speed Ranges of 0719-22 Reciprocating Saw Kit

0719-22 has a dual speed range which enables the users to enjoy variable speed for cutting of different materials. 0719 22 Milwaukee has powerful motor has unique capacity of running with two speed ranges i.e. 0-20,000 spm and 0-30,000 spm which has proved a joyful addition.

This dual speed has added great to the comfort and ease to the users work. They can go for wood cutting from metal cutting without going through any reversal. This not only saves a lot of time but also helps to complete greater work in lesser time.

Longest Life And Gives The Best Performance

Milwaukee 0719-22 has powerful Lithium Ion battery which is unique in sawzall industry as most reciprocating saws are with Ni-Cad batteries which have short life and need frequent recharge. 0719-22’s Lithium Ion battery has the longest life and gives the best performance even when it is near to finish.

Its battery life is twice than that of Ni-Cad which start showing poor performance when it’s times to recharge them. In this way, the users enjoy the maximum working hours and face less recharge needs.

0719-22 has quick lock and keyless shoe adjustment which adds a lot to workers comfort. With this unique feature, workers are able to change the blades without having any extra tools. These blades can be changed in a snap, so there is no obstruction on the way to work.

Moreover, it has a special feature of blade adjustment which enables users to adjust the blades with the depth they need. In this way, they can easily switch from one application to another without making any extra change.



Superior Stroke Length

0719-22 has superior stroke length which enables it to cut faster than any other reciprocating saw. Its stroke length is 1-1/8 inch which gives it a capacity of cutting at great speed. With this high stroke length, it can go deep in any material and brings the desired cutting results.

There is no need of redoing or extra finishing. It does all neatly near to perfection. No adjustments, no time waste. A single stroke is sufficient to cut effectively. With correctly installed blades, no material stands to show stubbornness before it.

Its exceptional proficiency and tough manufacturing material make it irreplaceable and a tough competitor in the market. Milwaukee has once again brought its flabbergasted product by meeting users expectations.

0719-22 comes in a complete kit having a reciprocating saw, two sawzall blades and 1 hour battery charger. This device includes 5 year warranty as well. It has been found entirely user friendly saw which has added an ease and helpful assistance for workers. 

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