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For Fast Work, The Milwaukee 5196 Is The One You Need

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Increases Productivity

Grinding is one of the tasks, and only a grinder such as the Milwaukee 5196 increases productivity as well as efficiency. A lot of jobs are required to be done in construction work.  The design of the grinder makes it appropriate for heavy-duty tasks.

The grinder is the first choice of most professional workers, but even then, it can be used for home projects as well. The grinder has several features that increases its utility. Any home user, without prior knowledge of buying grinders, should go through the following Milwaukee 5196 review to get detailed and useful information.

The Milwaukee 5196

The Milwaukee 5196 Is The One You Need

High-Powered Motor

The first aspect of the Milwaukee 5196, that is of great benefit to any buyer, happens to be its power. Due to its high-powered motor, the grinder is powered directly from the main electrical socket. The motor that is fitted in the grinder is a 11-amp, Milwaukee-built motor.

It is able to provide the user with up to 14,500 revolutions per minute (RPM). The Milwaukee motor is built to handle strenuous tasks, which means that the tool has a high life span as well as tolerance to different loads. The technology used in the grinder also makes sure that the power output is constant, irrespective of the load.

User Can Work With The Grinder For Long Hours

The design of the Milwaukee 5196 has been created in such a way that it can be used in several applications. The shipping weight of the tool is only 4.4 pounds, which means that it is light in weight. The user can work with the grinder for long hours, without getting tired, due to its light weight.

Additionally, it can be chugged along to different construction sites with ease. The grinder is very easy to handle not only because of its light weight but also due to the build of the body.

Can Manage Jobs Of Various Degrees

The applications of the Milwaukee 5196 are also encompassed in its design. The grinder has a number of functionalities that make its use, relatively, friendly. The grinder can manage jobs of various degrees as it can take up to 2-inches of wheel diameter. The tool has been provided with three types of open-end wrenches, and they are 11/15-inch, 1-inch, and ½-inch.

The grinder has the capacity for attachment of wheels, that can either be reinforced or non-reinforced, making the grinder ideal for taking to any type of construction job. Apart from having a lot of redeeming features, the tool also comes with a long warranty.

A warranty of 5 years is being provided by Milwaukee. Various parts of the tool can also be bought and replaced, separately, as and when they wear off. Due to its features, the Milwaukee 5196 can be used by professionals in terms of efficiency and longlife. The first feature that contributes towards its durability is its in-built trigger lock, along with switch-on powering system. It also has a ¼-inch side spindle thread collet.

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