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The Most Striking Features Of The Milwaukee 5625-20 – The Right Choice

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Considered A Heavy-Duty Tool From Milwaukee

The Milwaukee 5625-20 router is considered a heavy-duty tool from Milwaukee. Its competitor’s products stand nowhere near due to its various design advantages. The router is built to be cost-effective, user-friendly, as well as reliable. The tool is very long-lasting and capable of handling heavy work. The 5625-20 router is backed by a five-year warranty from Milwaukee and is supplied with every purchase of the tool.

A large capacity for power is the foremost quality of the Milwaukee 5625-20. This enormous power is derived from electrical outlet sockets with limitless capacity. A 15-amp motor is fitted with the router. The motor has the capacity to generate speeds of 10,000 to 22,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). The high rpm is due to the motor’s ability to generate a power output of 3.5 horsepower, continuously.

The Milwaukee 5625-20

The Most Striking Features Of The Milwaukee 5625-20

Enables Fast And Clean Jobs

This enables fast and clean jobs. The motor is customized for the router, which means it gives constant power and is quite reliable. There are other functions connected with the motor with which it can be controlled and regulated. These features give the user full control in the use of the router.

The Milwaukee 5625-20 has been built to last long. The operator switch board is provided with a 22-amp, heavy-duty switch. The speed control knobs are also strategically placed giving the user great access. Machined aluminum has been used to house the motor, which has made the machine strong but light-weight. Other elements like ball bearings have also been covered for proper protection.

Easy To Handle And Enhances Its Lifeline

The power extension cord is 8 feet in length and is a heavy-duty cord. Several features have been incorporated that makes the machine easy to handle and enhances its lifeline.

The Milwaukee 5625-20 weighs 11.9 pounds and is 9.25 inches in height. This tool can be mounted on a table. Handling of the machine has to be high, due to its powerful motor and heavy weight. Due to the soft and smooth start of this Milwaukee Router, it can be easily controlled during operation.

Design Of The Router Is Also Anti-Slip

The design of the tool incorporates tilted handles that can be gripped firmly, while in operation. The material that is used in the design of the router is also anti-slip, thus providing better grip.

A 2 ½-inch sub base, a T-handle, and two collate wrenches come with this router. A combination of these factors ensures that Milwaukee 5625 users suffer lesser fatigue and can access the tightest of spaces.

The Milwaukee 5625-20 router has enhanced controls. The motor of the machine is stationary with adjustments of the tool. The speed of the motor is controlled at 36 positions through an electrical system. In addition, the tool has a linear depth adjustment system. A knob system is also used to control the depth adjustments by up to 1/64 of an inch.

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