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Various Attributes of This Fascinating Milwaukee 6955-20 With Digital Miter Angles Adjust, its Remarkable


There are numerous designs of the miter saw, but the Milwaukee 6955-20 stands out from the rest, due to a number of features. The Miter saw forms a vital tool for cutting jobs.  One can rely on the saw for any miter angle cutting in both DIY projects as well as construction works. Being powerful and uncomplicated to operate, the saw can be relied on very much.

The saw is very strongly designed and will go on for years without repairs. Now, the best way to understand the product thoroughly is to go through Milwaukee 6955-20 reviews.

Angles Adjustment System has been Incorporated

One of the salient features of the Milwaukee 6955-20 is its miter angles adjustment. For fast and accurate miter cuts, a digital miter angles adjustment system has been incorporated, which makes the task very easy. The accuracy of the digital adjustment system is fine-tuned to the accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

Accuracy can be obtained in numerous cutting scenarios, since the system is a dial-in digital system. The same type of angle cutting can be done with it, to an accuracy of 0.1 degree. This Milwaukee miter saw is, genuinely, a notable miter saw.

Improved Control and Manipulation

With the help of the digital miter angles adjust system, the Milwaukee 6955-20 can be used very easily. The system is such that it helps in creating a healthy environment and also enables easy handling of the work. The ergonomic design of the tool includes anti-slip surfaces on the handles for improved control and manipulation.

But the use of the dial-in digital miter system also increases the user’s capabilities. The use of the saw is relatively easy with both cutting and adjustments, achievable in sync. When working on a piece of material, one hand would be on the piece while the other can be used for keying in the adjustments.

Needs High Power for Clean and  Accurate Cuts.

The power that the Milwaukee 6955-20 has is also another advantage. The miter saw needs high power for clean and accurate cuts. The Milwaukee 6955 12-inch sliding dual bevel miter saw is powered by a 15-amp 3.3 horsepower, which drives the motor directly. With such a high-powered motor running the saw, cutting any type of lumber becomes easy.

Blade Rotates at the Same Speed On and Off  Load

The 6955-20 saw also incorporates constant-power technology, which means that the blade rotates at the same speed on and off load. The speed of the blade is a 3250 high rpm, which the tool achieves in just two seconds.

A large amount of air flow takes place in the system as dust from both the sides of the blade is collected through the channel. This helps in maintaining the work place clean.

Other features are also present in the Milwaukee 6955-20, which helps in the performance of the saw. The saw has lights that can be used to highlight the work area. The twin light arrangement can illuminate either side of the cutting piece. There is also an integral dust channel that collects up to 75% of the saw dust and debris.

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