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Dewalt DC618K

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The Most Striking and Unique Features of The DEWALT DC618K Nailer Kit


The Dewalt DC618K pneumatic power tool has been found to be very effective in driving nails, in construction jobs. When it comes to building and construction, the use of nails is essential. Driving nails into surfaces can be done by a number of ways, some of which leave sores on the constructor’s hands. 

The working of this tool can progress efficiency, which in turn increments productivity. And this is one aspect that has been prominently stated in Dewalt DC618K reviews.

Nailer Is Portable

The Dewalt DC618K incorporates features that are relevant for hand-held tools, made for construction work. The nailer is portable, and thus, can be used at any location in construction sites, making it a must-have tool. The tool runs on an 18-volt battery that is rechargeable from any electrical outlet. The hand-held nailer comes with a battery charger.

The singular conception of the nailer makes it simple to hold, which makes work effortless, fast, and precise. The tool is very quiet when running with power from the battery. The DEWALT Nailer Kit is, essentially, an outstanding DEWALT Nailer Kit.

Several Operating Modes Have Been Incorporated In The Engine

One of the major elements of the tool happens to be the unique engine that is installed in the Dewalt DC618K. Several operating modes have been incorporated in the engine, which the worker can use to execute any job, at the required speed. The engine has the capability of firing up to 5 nails per second, which is relatively a quick pace for one to work with.

The design of the nailer allows one to make use of sequential operating mode, which allows the user to work with precise placement of nails. Sequential operating mode allows the user to get magnificent speed during work.

Releasing Jammed Nails By Using The Easy-Access Nosepiece

There are numerous design features that are meant to make the use of the Dewalt DC618K enjoyable. The first feature is about releasing jammed nails by using the easy-access nosepiece, instead of using other tools.

Execution Of The Tool Can Be More Accurate With Its LED

The execution of the tool can be more accurate with its LED. The contact trip lock allows the user to disable its trigger, when it is idle. I just love this DEWALT Nailer Kit because it does just what you need it to do – and quickly!

The performance of this tool is also guaranteed. A Three-year warranty, 90-day money back guarantee, and two year’s worth of servicing comes with this tool. Safety clothing and other safety items are also included in the package.

There are other aspects of the Dewalt DC618K that are quite useful in making sure one gets the maximum performance from the tool. The weight of the nailer is also a very crucial characteristic. The Dewalt DC618K is just 17 pounds with dimensions of 18.5 x 15.2 x 7 inches, which is quite right for a hand-held tool.

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