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Makita 5007NB Is A Complete Package For You

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One of the best selling saws made by Makita is the Makita 5007NB. The saw is one of a kind and has several design parameters that make it one of the best saws available in the market. There are several competitors offering the circular saw, but the Makita circular saw has several edges over the rivals. One of the strongholds of the Makita Circular Saw 5007NB is the safety of the saw. There are other aspects of the saw such as strength, power output and an ergonomic design that makes the saw stand out.

Makita 5007NB

Makita 5007NB Circular Saw

Makita 5007NB Circular Saw Benefits

The Makita 5007NB Price is competitively selected offering most users the ability to acquire the saw.  The cost to performance ratio is far much better than that of competitors. The long life service that is offered by the saw is enhanced by the fact that the saw has strong and solid parts as well as protective measures, especially for the blade. In addition to protecting the fixed blade and the user from accidents, it also protects the spare blades from being damaged while in the casing. The Makita 5007NB protective gauge should be drawn when operating with the saw as it’s a barrier to using the tool. It makes it a great lock against unwanted startups.

The specs of the Makita 5007NB Circular Saw make it one of the most useful tools for both home and industrial use. The cutting blade measures 7 ¼ inches in diameter. This gives the saw the ability to cut through 2 3/8 inches when used perpendicularly and up to 1 ¾ inches when used at a 45 degrees angle to the work piece.  The rear of the saw has a graduated guard that is helpful when setting the depth of the cuts to perform.

Makita 5007NB

Makita 5007NB

This eliminates the need of using the tape to select the depths to cut in a work piece and the locking system ensures that one gets the cuts as accurate as possible. The 5007NB Makita saw is also capable of bevel cuts ranging between 0 to 56 degrees. The saw is fitted with positive stops at 22.5, 45 and 56 degrees respectively. The Makita 5007NB is also fitted with a heavy duty gauge aluminum table for increased support in cutting.  Both the depth and bevel markings on the Makita 5007NB have easy to read markings while the gauges are placed centrally and don’t interfere with the handling of the saw.

The delivery of cuts by the Makita 5007NB is also very smooth. In most cases in the start of a cut some resistance is common, but moving the saw back and forth eliminates this giving a smooth cut. The cuts are as a result of the saw being powered by a 13 amp motor that is responsible of delivering speeds of up to 5800 rpm on no load. The saw is thus able to easily make cuts in both soft and hard woods. The saw has high performance indexes and has very few competitors in terms of performance as well as in pricing.

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